What is the father wound?

Oct 10, 2022
What is the father wound? 
The father wound is the deficiency or absence of love from your birth father, whether intentional or unintentional. 
This wound can result because of abuse, absence, addiction or neglect which can all lead to a deep feeling of unimportance, feeling rejected and or a lack of self acceptance in the young one that experienced this. 
A father is one of the most important role models in our lives. To feel loved and accepted by your Dad is vital to you having a healthy relationship with God, the universe, and others.  Unfortunately there are many of us who didn’t have that. 
Some of our deepest wounds stem from a lack of intimacy with our earthly fathers. 
Do you tend to sacrifice your own needs in the service of always helping others?
Was your relationship with your father deeply dissapointing, neglectful or devaluing you?
Are you out of touch with your own sense of intuition?
Do you struggle to get close to romantic partners due to fear of abandonment?
Social anxiety, a tendency to isolate, withdrawal from others and avoidance of direct communication about thoughts and feelings are all symptoms of father wound.
If we do not seek our healing from this wound we will likely repeat the patterns in our own lives with our own children and their children.  If we women do not seek healing from the lack of intimacy with a safe father they too will repeat the patterns down through the generations of their families by choosing men that are like their Dads in order to attempt to fulfill and heal her own needs of a Dad by repeating the process. 
This journey of perpetuating the cycle is called a inter generational pattern. 
You have the power to break the generational pattern at play. 
If you struggle with understanding and receiving love it may be related to the internal pain caused by the lack of affection from your father. The father wound will block you from knowing yourself as love and also block you from fully experiencing love with others. 
If your needs for protection, safety, trust and love were unmet by your father, it might be time to give that loss, that grief, the attention it needs so that you can dissolve the patterns, heal and move forward in ways that are in alignment with who you really are. The authentic self. 
The good news is, there are steps you can take to find unconditional loving , restore the broken heart and dissolve the patterns in your consciousness. 
As painful as it may be you must revisit the memories and find where the gaps are. Find the places in your consciousness that you perceived your lack of power, disconnection, and core wounding.  This journey of connecting the dots around what you experienced, your role in it, and what you hold in your consciousness as the truth around the painful experiences helps you find your internal liberation and lay down the patterns of self rejection down for good. Dissolve them and release all the trapped emotion and energy that keeps attracting the pattern to begin with. 
I see things through a Spiritual Context and would love to explain the idea that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We have come here to earth school to learn through all we experience  our spiritual curriculum. The lessons we have come to learn. 
I believe we chose our families for the learning that will take place in our lifetimes and the conditioning that we experience while living with them. 
I would love to help you re write your father wound story and help you come home to greater levels of compassion, love and understanding for yourself as a spirit in a human body. Help you identify what it all meant and come home to all the exiled parts of self that occurred through your difficult painful experience. 
I understand this journey deeply. I to am a child abuse survivor. Through the tools and practices of spiritual psychology I was able to heal the core patterning of rejection that I held in my consciousness and saw through a lens of rejection for many many years of my life.  This affected my love life and all places in my life. It affected my empowerment and the ability to own my talents and gifts and to shine my light in the world.  
I am happy to say that I have laid down the wounded masculine perspective, cultivated a deeply loving marriage of 18 years and broke the cycle of abuse. I am here to assist you to do the same in your life.  
The father wound can create patterns that affect all parts of our lives and prevent us from living authentically. 
If you are called to do a deep dive with the father wound please reach out and book a call. Let’s explore your spiritual curriculum and get to the root causes of what is holding you back from experiencing the life you deserve, full of love and loving your most heart centered authentic life. 
I believe in you and believe in this powerful work, it’s a sacred honor and powerful opportunity to come home to love. 
I look forward to meeting you and hearing your life’s journey. Let’s dive in together. You deserve the internal freedom that comes from uncovering the patterns and laying them to rest. You can do this. 
Blessings to you dear one. All my love
Dawn Light Amora
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