Spiritual Psychology Principle #1

How you relate to the issue, is the issue.        M. Hulnick

Spiritual Psychology Principle #2

One of your greatest opportunities for Awakening occurs when your school is in session—i.e., when your unresolved issues (upsets) surface.            M. Hulnick

Spiritual Psychology Principle #3

Unresolved issues are blessings, as they are opportunities for Healing and Awakening.  M. Hulnick

I'm Dawn Light


Most would describe me as a mother, wife, projector (guide) in human design and small business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on a journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic authenticity.




Spiritual Curriculum consists largely of Healing unresolved issues residing in your consciousness. It also includes opportunities for service, sharing your gifts, and living into your Heartfelt dreams.  Mary Hulnick



"Dawn has a grounded presence, is able to hold space for ones process with compassion and kindness. She weaves many teachings and traditions into her practice, offering a variety of paths fine tuned to the individual. She's a gifted channel who often pulls deep truths out of the ethers at the perfect Ah Ha moments. I highly recommend working with this lovely  woman."

Tristan St. Germain


How I came to be Picture Perfect

Before you think that my love life has always been a picture-perfect story made for Hollywood, let me be the first to admit: 

If anyone understands the pain and frustration that comes with always attracting the wrong kinds of relationships, it’s me. 


My story started by growing up in an abusive home. My Dad was my first picture of how a man treated a woman — abusive, demeaning, and emotionally absent. 

By God’s grace, I can call myself an abuse survivor. But because of the bar he set, I suffered for years by attracting the wrong kind of relationships, distrusting myself and my intuition and choosing ways to hide and not express my gifts.

  • ●  Men who never returned the love and devotion I gave to them. 
  • ●  Boyfriends who disrespected me and only deepened my wounds that needed healing. 
  • ●  Relationships that started off great, but ended with bitter, painful breakups. 
  • Avoidance patterns and deep self doubt from the abuse I endured kept me from expressing my innate gifts, believing in myself and living from my authentic self.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to today…

I’ve now been married to the love of my life for 19 years (together for 20). Of course just like any other relationship, we’ve had our fair share of struggles. Our strength comes from our consistent work to love and feel centered in ourselves, before we look for love from each other. 

Take Away

If there’s anything you should take away from my own journey and struggle with love, it’s this: 

If I can break the patterns of pain, abuse, and self-disrespect, so can you. 

  So while we may not know each other yet, I want you to know that I understand you. I know how painful it is to feel like you’ll never find “the one” or that you will ever heal to have the life you long for. I know how exhausting it feels to repeat the same self-sabotaging mistakes over and over again. And I know the hopelessness that comes with feeling like you’ll never experience the commitment and respect from a man who truly loves you. 

But I also know this: There’s no man... no relationship... no encounter with another person that will satisfy or complete you until you establish a deep, loving connection with yourself. 

Here’s my promise to you. 

If you’re willing to dig deep and do the work, I’m all in on helping you experience the love breakthroughs you’re looking for — however long it takes! 

Whoever you are, and whatever your experience with love looks like, you deserve to find a love that’s real and that lasts! My job is to help you break down the barriers that are getting in the way from you cultivating it inside yourself.


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Dawn is not only a very skilled coach and counselor, she is highly intuitive. She helped me release decades of childhood pain and trauma with a gentle, compassionate approach. She knows the right questions to ask that allow you to get to the root of your struggles. In addition, she provides helpful tools to help you make positive changes in an accessible way.

Colleen T.



Dawn is very engaging, encouraging and uplifting while helping me delve deeper into understanding the reasons for some of the barriers in my life. She is helping coach me as I am constantly evolving with regards to how I can actively and intentionally shape a happier and more satisfying future and leave behind a tremendous legacy for my children. She used a method of calling on my inner child and then I purposefully reassign their jobs to the wise person within me, with the help of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend her as a life purpose coach and already feel so empowered and excited for the changes that are already happening within. Dawn is very knowledgeable and extremely gifted as a love and life purpose coach. She goes above and beyond in encouraging me as I choose the best path for my life. Her experience and background are evident in how she facilitates the sessions so smoothly and naturally. She has a calling and it is obvious after your first session.       Cynthia B.

It was an amazing experience working with Dawn, and I cannot recommend her Services enough. We did a Theta session over the phone. I recently been through a very tough breakup and I was looking to cut cords with my ex. I have wanted to do that for a long time and I've heard of many theta practitioners but I was drawn to Dawn I decided to take a chance on her. I was very glad that I did. My personal experience was transformative right from the very first session. I felt completely different about The Break-Up and my ex emotionally our session. It was like night and day. Felt like lifetimes of belief systems were transformed in 1 hour. Dawn is incredibly sensitive, perceptive, aware, patient, articulate, professional, and wise. She knows how to listen and she knows the right questions to ask. She knows how to lead you to breakthroughs and to get to the depths of what's really going on. Theta with Dawn was beyond any other healing method I have experienced because it is instantaneous. I'm not sure if this is appropriate to mention but she is completely psychic! I'm continuing my work with Dawn and I'm so excited to continue the results. Thank you Dawn from the bottom of my heart... you have changed my life!

Amae Love