What is Spiritual Psychology?

Oct 12, 2022

Spiritual Psychology explained by the founders Ron and Mary Hulnick  is the study and practice of Conscious awakening.

To engage in this genre, we must begin by distinguishing the essence of human awakening .

What does it mean to awaken? In short, it means learning how to identify, recognize, and navigate successfully within the context of spiritual reality.

Practically, spiritual psychology means learning how to surrender or let go of anything that disturbs ones peace.

It also means sacrificing our illusions of separation.

Essentially, this “surrendering” and “sacrificing” is work that can and has been called healing, which includes healing on the physical, mental, and emotional levels in service to the deeper revelation of who we truly are as loving, peaceful, compassionate, and joyful beings.

We refer to this level as the authentic self. From the vantage point of Spiritual Psychology, we see that we are souls who have come herein this lifetime to fulfill spiritual curriculum.

As spiritual beings, our primary goal is not to change life on this earth .

Rather, life on this earth exists the way it does to provide us with experiences through which we can transform ourselves, meaning learning to express the essence of who we are in fuller and deeper ways.

The best description of our inherent nature is that we are , at our core, comprised of the energy we call loving. So spiritual awakening is about becoming more and more aware of our nature as loving beings.

Dawn Light Amora

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