Our Rage is A Sacred Teacher🔥

Sep 21, 2022

Our Rage is A Sacred Teacher🔥

Acknowledging what surfaces and what’s underneath it gives us freedom. Helps us shift our perspective👀.

Gorgeous Queens, Where are you ignoring your anger?

What are you feeling out of balance in your relationship about?

Long term partnerships can be filled with so much love and growth opportunities.

👉🏻Do you feel you hold more of a masculine role in your parternship?

👉🏻Do you struggle with feeling balance in your marriage or partnership?

👉🏻 Do you continuously work on yourself and hope things will shift?

👉🏻Do you long for a deeper connection and find you just don’t feel valued?

💎I get it💎. ✨I showed up in my marriage feeling undervalued for a long time.

✨Trauma responses kept me playing out old stories of never being acknowledged.

✨Fear of owning my voice kept me quiet about my rage.

✨Withholding my love kept me cycling back through the same dynamics over and over again.

👑Queens👑. ✨If this message speaks to you I invite you to jump into my sacred group on Facebook called

👉🏻. “Reclaim Your Trust” a group for women. Join Now

I have some juicy offerings in there to help reestablish your trust with self and start to deeply explore the roots of these patterns.

👑I am here for you and understand the journey👑

💎🤩 If I can do it you can to Gorgeous Queen👑🤩

☝🏻 It’s free, see you in the group, let’s rise together Gorgeous Queens👑

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